The IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator provides per hour funding to subsidise the employment of an additional educator. The intention is to increase the educator to child ratio in the care environment to support the inclusion of a child with disability, with ongoing high support needs, alongside typically developing same age peers. In the care environment educators work as a team, including the Additional Educator, to support all children’s participation and interaction with peers.

To access funding an eligible service must be including or seeking to include:
  • A child with disability, or undergoing assessment for disability; and
  • With ongoing high support needs
That is, the child requires significant additional support from educators, resulting in the need for an increased ratio over and above the recommendations under the National Quality Framework for that age group.

The service seeking funding is responsible for demonstrating that due to the needs of the child (or children) and the inclusion barriers, strategies and actions identified, an Additional Educator is required to increase the educator to child ratio in the care environment to facilitate inclusion of all children.

Each care environment requiring support of an additional educator requires an individual Inclusion Support Case to be completed on the IS Portal. The IDF has an annual capped funding allocation, and the approval of any application made to the IDF is contingent on the availability of funding.

The IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator cannot be approved for the following purposes:
  • One-to-one support for a specific child
  • To administer medical/nursing assistance or backfill an existing staff member to do so
  • Assistance to meet licensing requirements of educator to child ratios as outlined in the National Regulations
  • Assistance for which funding is the responsibility of a state or territory government, other Australian Government programmes or other bodies. Examples include:
    • Respite care to assist the parent or carer to take breaks from the care of a child with disability including for holidays, for personal or family needs, or due to ill health 
    • To support the inclusion of a child/children in a kindergarten/preschool programme, and
    • School education including home schooling

Applying for IDF funding for an Additional Educator

IAs will assist eligible services to apply for IDF funding. Services will apply for funding on the user-friendly IS Portal.

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Resources for Services applying for IDF funding

Resources are available to provide information about the ISP Programme and applying for Immediate/Time Limited funding on the IS Portal.

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Claiming for IDF funding for an Additional Educator

Claims for the Additional Educator subsidy are made retrospectively through the Child Care Management System (CCMS).  

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