IDF Innovative Solutions Support is paid upfront after the Letter of Offer has been formally executed. Retrospective claiming is not required unless otherwise stated in the Letter of Offer.

Following a successfully executed Letter of Offer, the service will typically receive payment within 4-6 business days. IDF Innovative Solutions Support is paid directly to the service, from the department, to the same payee details it has nominated to receive its child care fee assistance payments on behalf of families.

Payment to BBF services occurs via electronic transfer to a nominated account following the provision of an invoice to the IDF Manager.

Expenditure of Funding/Acquittal

At the completion of the project, which may be during or after the Approval Period, the service must complete an online declaration through the IS Portal. Within this declaration, the service must provide details of the outcomes of the Project, including confirmation that the Project was delivered as approved or with the agreed change. The service will receive an email one month prior to the end date of the Approval Period as a reminder to submit the online declaration. If the service requires an extension of the Approval Period, they are required to contact the IDF Manager.

The online declaration must be completed online no later than 10 business days from the end date of the Approval Period.

If funding is not spent

Where the service did not spend any of the funding on the support project, or received duplicate funding, they must declare the Project was not started and provide reasons for this. The Department would issue an invoice to repay the full amount.

If funding is not spent in full

If a service does not spend the full amount of funding on the support project, they must speak to their IA. If their IA agrees in writing, the service may spend the remaining funds on inclusion related activities to overcome the same or similar inclusion barriers outlined in the initial application. Any additional activity undertaken in line with the agreed change must be declared when completing the online declaration of funding.